Staffing Patterns by Occupation:  
SOC Code NAICS Industry Title Employment Percent of Occupation Employment Percentage Bar Median Annual Wage Mean Annual Wage

North Carolina Staffing Patterns

Wondering how to determine types of jobs in a particular business or industry? Puzzled about how to show career planners and job seekers the industries that are most likely to hire people in specific occupations? Involved in research that requires baseline data for share of occupations within an industry? Searching for connected industry and occupation information to plan new academic programs?

One tool, North Carolina Staffing Patterns, contains data that will assist in all these activities. You can search its information in two different ways and can print or download Excel files of the data you select.

Staffing Patterns by Industry enables you to search an industry to pinpoint the number of people employed within that industry’s major occupations and indicates the percentage of industry employment derived from these occupations. Simply select or enter an industry at the 3-digit NAICS level for the staffing pattern.

Staffing Patterns by Occupation identifies industries that employ the most workers for a specific occupation. You can select or enter an occupation title and search for the industries that employ the greatest number and percentage of employees in that particular occupation.

About the Data:
Data for staffing patterns come from the industry/occupation (I/O) matrix. The I/O matrix tabulates employment and its distribution by industry and occupation, and does not include employment for every possible combination of industry and occupation. Some data are not released to protect the confidentiality of businesses or individuals providing the data, and some are not released for quality reasons.

*Note that occasionally a search will indicate that there are no records to display. This may be due to data suppression for confidentiality purposes or data may not be available.