Occupational Profiles

Looking to kick start your career or explore new options? The Occupational Profiles tool is your source for up-to-date information on hundreds of occupations in North Carolina. You’ll find that the brief, plain language descriptions of each career’s duties, work environment, wages, education, and other information make Occupational Profiles an especially useful resource.

Occupational Profiles

What's the work environment like?

You'll find additional information about interests in the introduction to these profiles. To learn more about your interests and how they may connect with careers, try the brief activity at www.mynextmove.org/explore/ip.

What are the most important types of knowledge, skills, and abilities to have in this field?

The amount of education and experience you need partly depends on a specific employer's requirements. If you are planning to work in this occupation, here are typical expectations:

Education Work Experience On-the-Job Training

Learn about North Carolina and out-of-state postsecondary education and training programs by exploring College Navigator.

What other careers might match my interests, abilities, and work values?

How much money can I make?

Where can I find jobs?

How can I find out more about this occupation?

Many resources exist for learning about occupations. If you would like a brief introduction to this occupation with links to more detailed sources, My Next Move provides a great start. For more detailed information, visit O*Net Online.